Projects with Schools in the Netherlands:

Developing sensory motor skills in kids through designed yoga for children between 3 to 8 years

Children in their early ages do not recognize their skills and abilities or even have difficulty using and growing them.

A big mistake we adults make is that we think one day they will find out how to use them and there is no need to try to develop them in professionally equipped environment and with the guidance of well educated coaches.

But many studies have shown that if we indirectly through the designed and purposeful games can lead kids to discover it’s strengths which can benefit him for life time.

Developing self steam is one of the benefits of training sensory motor skills and will privilege children through out life and lead them in their adolescence ages which is a huge transition and can be very challenging for them.

The activities that have been designed here in this classes exclusively are focused on strength the five senses of children,

Self knowledge is something can be very challenging for all the individuals at any age and  it can be a huge privilege if we can prepare children for this challenge and with the help of professionals through the process of playing and discovery.

Help to develop social skills

One of the crucial achievements of this classes that we are designing for children is using professional experiences to grow children’s social skills and let them have meaningful interactivity with others in a smaller scale to prepare them for future.

Our charity have the focus on developing children in all the countries based on their needs.

With the approach of schools we plan a yoga sessions for children and from the budget raise we provide children in need in other countries with food, clothes, and educational essentials .